Mike and Carlo joined our Powerteam in April 2021, and both of them have work experience in the professional lighting market. This provided them with a headstart as knowledge of the industry is a key essential in their roles. Perhaps you have already spoken to them, but we felt it was time to give our colleagues a stage. After all, they ensure that your orders are being processed. Meet Mike and Carlo!

Mike & Carlo.png


Meet Mike, our Back Office and International Sales Representative at Powergear Europe. His favourite moment of the week is our powerlunch on Friday, so he can have a chat with his colleagues and recap the week.

Besides having a good lunch, Mike is very committed in his day-to-day work. Together with his colleagues he takes care of all incoming orders and arranges transport, while also handling inquiries and being responsible for sales. The chance that you get to speak to Mike when making a request for one of our powerproducts is therefore considerably high!

In addition, Mike is always on the lookout for companies to collaborate with, as his goal is clear: reach an even higher level of excellence, growth and service at Powergear. Let Mike know if you have any questions, because he is eager to help you out!

How to contact Mike? 

By phone: +31 76 3031 405

By email: mike@powergear.eu



Meet Carlo, working for the Inside Sales department at Powergear Europe. Being no stranger to the lighting industry, Carlo understands the market very well and brings a lot of technical knowledge to our team. Together with his colleagues he takes care of all Inside Sales activities and Technical Support. Carlo is fluent in German, English and Dutch so speaking with him will come quite easy.

He even worked with Powergear products in his previous job on a regular basis. When he experienced how pleasant this worked, he could only hope to come and work for us one day.

Our new colleagues Mike and Carlo started simultaneously in the European Powergear team. Both are responsible for the back office and cooperate together every day. According to Carlo they complement each other well in terms of experience and knowledge.

If there is one thing we can say, it is that Carlo is passionate about Powergear products! His favorite products are the adjustable L connectors and T connectors. These can be used anywhere and offer a guaranteed solution on site, making life a little bit easier. His advice is to always have a few in stock.

How to contact Carlo?

By phone: +31 76 3031 405

By email: carlo@powergear.eu